Metrology and visualization of potholes using the microsoft kinect sensor


Pavement distress and wear detection is of prime importance in transportation engineering. Due to degradation, potholes and different types of cracks are formed and they have to be detected and repaired in due course. Estimating the amount of filler material that is needed to fill a pothole is of great interest to prevent any shortage or excess, thereby wastage, of filler material that usually has to be transported from a different location. Metrological and visualization properties of a pothole play an important role in this regard. Using a low-cost Kinect sensor, the pavement depth images are collected from concrete and asphalt roads. Meshes are generated for better visualization of potholes. Area of pothole is analyzed with respect to depth. The approximate volume of pothole is calculated using trapezoidal rule on area-depth curves through pavement image analysis. In addition pothole area, length, and width are estimated. The paper also proposes a methodology to characterize potholes.

Intelligent Transportation Systems-(ITSC), 2013 16th International IEEE Conference on